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  • Instantly Lift and Firm Sagging Skin.
  • Long-Lasting Skin Tightening Results
  • Smoothen out Fine Lines and Wrinkles.
  • Deeply hydrates dull tired skin
  • Suit all skin types.
  • Non-Comedogenic Formula.
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Innovative skin-lifting and volume-effect is offered by OxiDo-lift Serum. A thorough anti-wrinkle skin-firming action is provided by this skin-firming serum.  It helps to tighten loose or saggy skin and flawlessly smooths out wrinkles and fine lines. In other words, Oxido-Lift Serum. produces a lifting impact that is both immediate and long-lasting The ultimate “concentration of youth” is provided by this skin-tightening serum’s triple-action skin-lifting ingredients, which are blended into pure 100% hyaluronic acid.


  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store in a cool and dry place (below 30°C) away from direct sunlight.


1. Dynalift

(Aqua, Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate, Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice & Glycerin)

In order to provide an immediate and long-lasting tightened, smoothing effect, Oxido-Lift Skin Tightening Serum works with one of the top skin tighteners, “Dynalift,” which forms a stretching film on the skin’s surface. A very apparent decrease in the depth of wrinkles is brought about by Dynalift’s instantaneous skin-tightening effect.

Dynalift itself compiles a list of organic components that help tighten skin, one of which is Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice, a kind of grain-producing grass. Sorghum, rich in antioxidants like Flavonoids, phenolic acids, and tannins highly responsible for reducing skin-related inflammation and oxidative stress. Because of Dynalift, Oxido-Lift Skin Tightening Serum develops a flexible film that visibly produces a durable skin-lifting effect.

Within Oxido-Lift Skin Tightening Serum, Dynalift enhances the suppleness of the natural skin. Moreover, it tightens and firms the existing fine lines and shrinks the open pores, overall smoothening aging skin.

2. Skin Tightener ST2

(Aqua, Glycerin, Macrocystis Pyrifera (Kelp) Extract, PVP & Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein)

Skin Tightener ST2 an association of a vegetable protein and Giant Kelp promotes an instant tightening effect. In Oxido-Lift Skin Tightening Serum, Skin Tightener ST2™ facilitates aging skin with anti-oxidants, anti-wrinkle, and astringent effects that provide an immediate skin smoothing effect.

Skin Tightener ST2 is clinically tested and approved that exhibits a satisfactory tightening effect 5 minutes after its application. Because of Sea Kelp, Oxido-Lift Skin Tightening Serum enriched with essential antioxidants tends to defend the skin from free radicals, support wrinkle reduction and takes care of skin elasticity maintenance. Additionally, the peptides within Sea Kelp promote the creation of collagen and elastin, reducing wrinkle depth and promoting cellular regeneration.

3. Argireline

Oxido-Lift Skin Tightening Serum counts on Argireline, a peptide alternative to Botulinum Toxin, which prevents muscle movement that leads to wrinkling formation. Argireline also promotes collagen production and optimizes the function of collagen, which both fights fine lines and improve moisture levels in the skin. Its anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect causes the dull, aging skin to firm and plump up.

Due to Argireline, this Skin Tightening Serum limits muscle movement and helps smooth out wrinkles caused by repeated muscle movement in areas such as wrinkles around your mouth, forehead, and crow’s feet.

4. Hyaluronic Acid

The Hyaluronic Acid addition within Oxido-Lift Skin Tightening Serum outperforms skin plumping by retaining healthy moisture levels. It makes the skin well-protected and hydrated reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The elastin in the skin deteriorates with age, causing the skin to lose its snap. Upon pinching the skin on the top of your hand, if it quickly bounces back indicates that the skin is rich in elastin. The progression of aging skin does not bounce back as rapidly as it should. Such aging skin demands Skin Firming Serum.

While Hyaluronic Acid cannot replace elastin, it can boost skin tightness. Our Skin Tightening Serum comprises Hyaluronic acid, which tightens the overall complexion by hydrating the skin. It contributes to a more youthful appearance and firms up facial features.


  1. Use Oxido-Lift Instant Lift Serum in the morning and evening.
  2. Cleanse skin and pat dry.
  3. Apply a tiny amount to the fingertips and gently pat on the face and neck.
  4. Oxido-Lift Serum can be the first layer, followed by other serums or creams.



A skin-firming serum enriched with skin tighteners and hydrators imparts anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle, and astringent action that helps with smoothening fine lines and wrinkles to reveal youthful skin. Choose Oxido-Lift Skin Tightening Serum that compiles all of the benefits that help to tighten aging skin at home.


Skin Tightening Serum infused with ingredients like Dynalift, ST2, Argireline, and Hyaluronic Acid performs anti Wrinkle, skin tightener, and collagen Booster roles that help gain tightened skin.


Oxido-Lift Skin Tightening Serum takes up to 20 minutes to tighten and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. This skin-tightening effect lasts for up to 24 hours. With continuous use, get firmed skin for days.

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    OXIDO Lift – INSTANT SKIN LIFT SERUM 15ml photo review
    Umar Alvi
    October 24, 2023
    Its really uplifting & effective Oxido Lift Serum.. Big fan of Safrin Products
    September 14, 2019
    Ordered it for my mother. She loves it👍🏼
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