Muhammad Asif

All this synergies with the dream of our CEO, who has spent his lifetime in the pursuit of his mission of providing world class specialty skincare products at affordable costs. Marching forward, our dynamic research and development abilities, best in class manufacturing capabilities and sharp marketing acumen, will take us far and ahead. We will continuously benchmark and evaluate our self in our mission to become a globally acclaimed cosmoceutical company

Quality Policy

SAFRiN aims to create advanced aesthetic solutions for common and visible skin conditions, including premature aging, photo damage, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, acne and personal care.

We are focused with natural extracts to guarantee maximum product safety and efficacy complemented with state of art ISO 9001 & GMP certified manufacturing facilities. SAFRiN is focused in the choice of raw materials which are subjected to ultimate purity and effectiveness. Products are hypoallergenic, respect the skin’s natural physiology and represent the latest innovations of the dermatological & cosmeceuticals. Safe to use, dermatologically tested, free of sensitizing and harmful substances.

Secret of the SAFRiN quality… the use of skin friendly naturally sourced highly concentrated active ingredients. This way, SAFRiN ensures maximum quality and efficacy products.Our product line result of the direct cooperation between dermatologists and cosmetologists, using the latest research on skin’s biology and physiology to ensure immediate and lasting results. The company primarily

developed for aesthetics and dermatology related skin health.