What are ceramides? Benefits of ceramide for the skin.

What are ceramides? Benefits of ceramide for the skin.

Ceramides are long-chain fatty acids (fats or lipids) found in skin cells. They make up 30 to 40 percent of the outer layer of the skin or epidermis. Ceramides work as a barrier that helps to retain the moisture on the skin and prevent bacteria or germs from entering the skin. They play a vital role in a defensive system against external pollution and toxins. Another function is to maintain cell function and brain development.

Ceramide structure:

The basic chemical structure is consisting of a SPHINGOID base and a FATTY ACID (FA). The Sphingoid base contains a polar head group and a non-polar tail group. Each moiety is bounded by an amide linkage.

If your skin ceramide content decreases (often happens due to different reasons), it dehydrates your skin and causes different skin problems like dryness and itching.

They are commonly used in personal care products. Ceramide moisturizer, creams, and toners. All help to maintain your ceramide levels on the skin. As ceramides act as a hydrating agent they are very useful for personal care.

Types of ceramides:

  • Natural ceramides.
  • Synthetic ceramides.

Natural ceramides:

Natural ceramides as the name shows are natural and present on the outer layer of the skin. Ceramides are not only present on human skin but also on animals and plants. (on the outer layer of the skin).

Synthetic ceramides:

Synthetic ceramides are also known as pseudo-ceramides. We can also (call them ceramides for skin).  They are manmade ceramides and they are free from containment and more stable than natural. They are commonly used in personal care products.

Sources of ceramide:

  • Natural ceramides are found on the skin.
  • Synthetic ceramides are found in skin or personal care products.
  • Some plant-driven ceramides can also act as ceramides for the skin (as they are chemically equal).
  • Food that may contain ceramides are:
  • Wheat.
  • Rice.
  • Corn.
  • Sweet potato.
  • Soybean.

Products that contain ceramides:

Most products for personal care contain ceramides in which are:

  • Moisturizers.
  • serums.
  • toners.
  • cleansers.

Benefits of ceramide for skin:

Your skin got natural ceramides. But ceramide level decreases over time. Different factors are the reason for decreasing the level of ceramide on your skin. Even if you are getting older the level of ceramide will decrease accordingly.

You can hydrate your skin by using ceramide moisturizers, serums, toners, and cleansers. They will fulfill the required amount of ceramide on your skin and act as a barrier making your skin soft, smooth, and healthy.

Some common benefits of ceramide for the skin are:

  • Improve the health of the skin.
  • Help to create a barrier (to prevent moisture from leaving your skin).
  • Prevent dryness and irritation.

Some other benefits of ceramide for the skin are:

Maintaining skin barrier:

The use of hard soaps and face wash and the natural aging process can lead the ceramide loss in the skin.
When the ceramide level decreases, the outer layer becomes compromised, forming tiny cracks on your skin. This results in dryness and redness, making it easy for bacteria to enter your skin.

Boosts hydration:

Ceramides lock in moisture and boost hydration. When skin is hydrated it creates small patches on the skin and it becomes rough which causes dryness.

Having no skin barrier will lead you to Transepidermal epidermal water loss (TEWL). This refers to the water loss through the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin). Due to the water loss skin becomes dehydrated with some patches on the skin which increase the risk of skin problems i.e. irritation, dryness, and inflammatory conditions like acne and eczema.

One of the best hydrating moisturizers used by customers to cure this issue is different creams and hydrating moisturizers.

Regenerate aging skin:

One of the most effective benefits of ceramide for the skin is to act as a regenerator for aging skin. As we get older our skin changes its structure. The change in structure also causes the skin barrier to lose its productivity leading to thinner skin and visible signs of aging (wrinkles and lines) on the skin.

Ceramide creams will act as a skin barrier to regenerate aging skin. It will help to remove wrinkles and lines on the skin leading to hydration.

Protect against UV damage:

The most common benefit of ceramide for the skin is to protect the exposed skin against UV damage. Exposure to UV rays for a long time causes 90% of skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentary changes.

A Study shows that ceramides contain moisturizers and sunscreen can play a useful role against UV damage to the skin. DERMAXiL ULTRA Moisturiser with UV Protector contains a UV protector with moisturizer which make this moisturizer useful against UV damage.


  • Using products that contain ceramide is beneficial for your skin.
  • It’s important to choose the right product according to your skin.
  • There are many benefits of ceramides for the skin but it’s important to talk to your dermatologist to learn about which one will suit your skin.

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