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Personal hygiene, a topic which is considered normal but usually not talked about due to shyness.
Personal hygiene is infect a necessity.
Proper cleansing and maintaining the pH level of intimate area is very important.
VAGISAF wash from SAFRIN SKIN CARE is indeed a feminine hygiene expert. . . . -It helps prevent bad odour. -Treats itchiness, burning and dryness. -Controls abnormal discharge.
-Helps maintaining the pH level of v-zone. .
You’ll observe the results with just one use. .

VAGISAF is in enriched with aloe extract and Vitamin B5 and B3 due to which it leaves a soft, soothing effect on the skin.
Infect, it’s free of harsh alkaline chemicals! .
It is indeed a very essential part of my personal hygiene now.
Thank you so much SAFRIN SKIN CARE for introducing it.